This tutorial will introduce the code environment by Kaholo. The code enables the developer to add dynamic capabilities to the map.

Kaholo exposes a full SDK which can retrieve all execution context and to use it to manage the flow.

This tutorial is only basic information to start using the CODE. For further information please read the SDK page.

The Code

  • Drag into the Designer a new Command Line plugin and create a new process called Hello Code.

  • Select in the methods “execute command”
  • Check the code checkmark and in the text area call a function helloCode()

  • Now, implement the function in the Code tab


function helloCode(){
  return 'echo "hello code"'


The return value from the function will be executed.

Save & Execute the map

View the execution results and notice there are two processes being executed and the results of the HelloCode process is – Hello Code.



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