This is a basic walk through of how to develop “Hello World” map. The main steps are:

  1. Create new project
  2. Create new map


make sure you have everything installed – and if not – go to the installation guide.

  1. Server up and running – and connected to DB.

Create Project

  • On the left pane select press on the Project icon and press on the “Add Project” button.

  • Type the project name and the description of the new project

  • After pressing create you can view and edit the project’s details in the project panel here you can also delete and add maps to projects.

  • Back to the projects main panel you can now see the project was created.

Create a new Map

  • In the left pane select Project and in the project panel click on the project’s name you want to have the new map created.
  • Press Add new map link.
  • Fill in new map’s details such as:
    • Map’s project (if you selected a project to create a map it sould already be selected)
    • Map name
    • Map’s license
    • Press Create

  • A new Map was created

Develop the map

  1. In the desingner panel open the plugins on the left.
  2. Drag and Drop into the designer the CLI plugin
  3. From the start icon drag a line to the new created plugin
  4. Type Process name
  5. Add new Action to the process name
  6. Select method from the list
  7. Add method details
  8. Congrats! a new Method created


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