By the end of this section you will have a simple Hello World map. The main steps are:

  1. Create new Process: Edit Process name and create a link.
  2. Create new Action


You will have to complete the “Create your First Map section” and have a ready to develop map.

You will also have to install Kaholo’s CLI Plugin into your system.

To learn how to install plugins press here

The plugin can be found here

Create new Process.

Open the new map and press on the plugin Icon on the left.

A plugins bar is open. Select the Command line plugin and drag and drop it into the designer. Once a plugin appears on the designer it is called a Process.

Click on the new Process Change the Process name by typing the new name

Create a Process Link –  put your mouse curser on the circle next to the start Icon and when the curser turn to cross – draw a link.


Create new Action

Click on the Process and on the right pane press on action.

Next press on the add action button

Each Plugin have methods and each methods have it’s parameters.

  • Set Action name
  • Select the method: “Execute Command”
  • Type the command to execute: echo ‘hello world’
  • Press submit

This is the basic tutorial. To learn further about Process and Action Parameter refer to the flow control section of the documentation.

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